Edge Finishing

Worktop Edge Finishing can enhance look of your countertop and completely change the style. Our choice of edge finishing allows you to choose modern or classical, unique style with common. These can be as easily worked onto a granite, as it can a marble or quartz worktop.

Pencil Square and Pencil Round edge are the most common profiles that we offer. For the contemporary finish, Pencil Square’s 45 degree chamfer gives it a strong modern profile. The softer the design of edge the more traditional it will appear, edge finishes like Pencil Round edge are a classic. These styles are commonly selected by our customers, but we also offer thicker edges? We’ll work around any of your tastes and design ideas. Our aim is to give you the latest looks or simply match the depth of your existing worktops.

Pencil Square


Pencil Round




Pencil Round T&B


Half Bullnos


Full Bullnos


Demi Bullnose


Bevel T&B






Flat Ogee


Cove Dupont


Ogee Bull


Half Ogee




Double Bullnose




Stair Thread




Cove Ogee


Deep Ogee


Cove Bullnose


Design 1


Design 2


Design 3


Design 4


Design 5


Design 6


Design 7


Design 8


Design 9


Design 10